NetworkLocation →

Pretty awesome and useful looking app. Being able to turn of the AirPort and Bluetooth radios, mute the speakers and dim the screen brightness for an “Airplane” location will certainly be handy. If you’re a Mac road warrior check this one out.

A few thoughts as I was playing with it:

I think they should have a one-liner of help along the lines of: “to add locations, create them in your Network Preferences” on the “locations” section of the prefs – I was temporarily baffled as to how to add them.

I’d be an occasional user of this software, so it would need to treat me right and really ingrain itself in my workflow for me to pay the reasonable $15 sticker. Unfortunately, the nagware choice the authors made has pretty well pummeled me in the 5 minutes I played with it. There is a countdown timer on launch (which I ran into twice because I didn’t understand the power off icon was the “quit” icon) and a “5 location switch” maximum before the app shuts down and requires a relaunch. This much nagware, especially within 10 minutes of installation, makes using the app a nuisance rather a time saver.

Note to the devs: have a 7 day (or similar) period with no nags – let folks fall in love with your app. Then ask them to pay for it. 🙂