Still Invoicing with Vebio

I’ve gotten a number of e-mails (strangely no comments) asking if I’m:

  1. still using Vebio1 for my invoicing, and
  2. if I’d still recommend the service.

The answer to both questions is yes. Having automated monthly invoicing means one less thing I need to think about – I love it. Vebio also added logging expenses (and associating those expenses with clients) this year, so I’ve been recording both income and expenses in their system.

I’ve been extremely impressed with the reliability of the service. Everything I’ve tried has worked as expected, and I’ve never seen a “be right back, service down” message on the site.

Unfortunately, many of my original criticisms are still relevant – I hope to see a Vebio 2.0 sometime in the near future. With Blinksale adding features and 2ndSite revamping as Freshbooks, there is plenty of competition out there.

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