Share This 1.0

Share This is a WordPress plugin that allows folks to share a post from your site with others via social bookmarks or by e-mail.

My old site had an “E-mail this post” link on every post, and I got a number of requests for it as a plugin. Share This includes this functionality1, plus “add me” links to the social bookmarking that many folks are using these days.

I wrote this on the WordPress 2.1 codeline, and it requires Prototype (which will be distributed with 2.1). If you are running a version of WordPress prior to 2.1 (like most of you probably are), make sure you read the instructions in the README to get everything set up properly.

By default, a “Share This” link will be added to the bottom of all posts, appended to the post content. If you want to position this link elsewhere (as I do on this site), you can turn off the auto-appended link and use the template tag instead. More info on this in the README, along with how to add/remove social bookmarking sites from the list.

While I agree that having a string of little icons on the bottom of each post is somewhat annoying, I also think that giving folks convenient tools to share your content can encourage them to do so. Share This is my attempt at a compromise.

The download is available on my WordPress Plugins page.

If you have any trouble with this, please open a thread in the WP Support Forums and send me the link.

  1. As an added bonus, logged in users or previous commentors will have their name and e-mail address already filled in for them automatically. [back]

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