Tip for BlackBerry Tasks Pro™ and Tasks Mobile Users

I received the following inquiry from a fellow that wants to use the mobile interface for Tasks (this applies for Tasks Pro™ users as well) with his BlackBerry:

For those who use stylus based PDAs/phones (e.g., Treos) this isn’t an issue because the screen is larger. I’m a longtime PocketPC user until recently. But when using a BlackBerry to enter tasks, the user has to scroll back up to the top to press the Save button. If that button could be replicated under the task entry data, that would help non-stylus users by requiring less scrolling.

I may implement his suggestion in a future release, but as a BlackBerry user myself, I was able to suggest the following work-arounds:

  1. Hit the enter key in a single line text field
  2. Use the T key to get back to the top of the screen
  3. Set up a mailbox so you can just send in e-mails to create tasks

I generally use #3 myself. It is faster to not have to wait for the web form to load and works (the e-mails are queued) offline (airplanes, etc.) as well.

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