Tasks Pro™ 1.7rc3 and Tasks 2.7rc3

These releases have pretty minor changes, but I still have about a week’s worth of set-up and prep work to get the on-line demo’s and trials upgraded, along with new screenshots for the the web site and the new support system. I figured I might as well get what will probably be the official releases out as release candidates for another week of testing too. 🙂

Changes since the last release:

  • Language selection is properly applied to PHP Tag Engine as well (some version .7 language files are now available for download).
  • Added advanced configuration options (manual config file edit) for turning off checking for new versions and disabling gzip output (since this caused issues in very rare cases).
  • Support for file:\\ as an URL prefix (the proper file:// was already supported).
  • Updated to ADOdb 4.9.3.
  • Fixed an edge-case tagging bug.

The downloads, as always, are available from the King Design download page.

I’ve also determined the premium support options I’ll be rolling out with this release. First, let me stress that the current free support options will continue to be offered:

  • 200+ pages of documentation per product.
  • Searchable FAQs.
  • Customer support forums.
  • E-mail support.

In addition to these, I’m adding phone support and priority e-mail support (jump to the front of the line). Customers will be able to purchase individual support tickets, discounted blocks of three support tickets or an annual support subscription which will also include any paid upgrades during that year. Hopefully this will be welcome news to those customers who have been asking for phone and priority support for some time now.

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