An Engineering Brain

Sometimes I hate having an :scare: engineering brain :/scare: .

Last week I was asked about creating a mobile friendly version of my Share This plugin and I’ve also been asked about creating a version that works if JavaScript is disabled. Now I don’t think that realistically many folks are going to want to be posting stuff to a social bookmarking site from their cell phone, nor do I think there is a huge crowd of and digg users that browse with JavaScript disabled; so this wasn’t something I really wanted to do. It just didn’t pass the 80-20 test.

However, it did stick in the back of my mind and nagged at me. I hate it when something I’ve created is lacking in some way – especially something little like this. The final straw on this though, was the realization that I could enable the ‘Share This’ link in feeds if I had an alternate interface besides the little inline pop-up.

So a few hours of hacking later, I’ve implemented this on my site’s feed to test out1. Here is the page you’ll see if you click to share an item from a feed2.

Share This Page

Apologies to my feed subscribers for all of my feed items showing up as unread, hopefully that won’t need to happen again in the near future.

UPDATE: Added screenshot.

  1. And checked it in to SVN, if you want to play with it. [back]
  2. I didn’t enable it in my mobile interface, but the capability is in there. [back]