More RAM Problems

When I got my desktop machine a little over a year ago, I had to send the 3rd party RAM (from Other World Computing – great service and people, but I don’t trust their RAM anymore) back twice before I could boot up the machine with the RAM in it.

I’ve had intermittent video artifacting and other issues that are attributable to bad RAM over the last year, but this weekend it finally reached the point where the machine will not boot anymore. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me and computers1. 🙁

I’ve opened an RMA with OWC to send back the RAM for a 3rd time (it’s got a lifetime warranty), in the hopes that the 4th set of RAM they send me will work properly. I actually requested a refund so I can go place an order elsewhere, but I doubt they will honor that request they ignored that part of my support ticket.

I can say this: going back to 512KMB (thanks Erik) or RAM after having 4.5GB for the last year has been quite painful! Maybe I should just order some from Crucial in the interim…

  1. And my MacBook just started exhibiting the “random shutdown” issue, so that will likely have to go in for service too. [back]