That’s Gratitude

Wow – I just had one of the most unpleasant exchanges of my life with a lady (who shall remain unnamed) at Anubis Marketing. I mean, this was completely surreal.

She’s trying to convert a Moveable Type blog to WordPress for one of her customers, and since she “doesn’t know anything about Moveable Type” (her words), she doesn’t understand how to use the MT to WP redirect template I released.

Her position is that since I’ve released this, I am responsible for hand-holding anyone through the implementation of the template. Not only that, but offering to provide help as a contract gig is “sneaky” and that:

I’ll just make sure people are well aware of your process before ever again directing them to your site.

Either that or I’ll find someone who does offer full support on the things they create and hand out for free. I prefer integrity in the people I choose to work with and promote.

I get this kind of attitude from people every once in a while – but I never understand it.