Yep, it’s been snowing here in Colorado.

Yesterday we shoveled about two feet of snow from the driveway to get a car back in the garage. Today, we shoveled another three+ feet of snow from the driveway. Some of that was windblown, but I think it’s safe to say we got a solid 3-4 feet of snow in about 24 hours.

No mail or package delivery the last 2 days – which I’m guessing means a few things that were expected to arrive before Christmas may not make it.

Since I work from home, being stuck inside for a couple of days isn’t the worst thing in the world for me. And the dog loves being able to go out and romp around in the drifts; some higher than she is. Check out the photos, isn’t she cute? 🙂

Unfortunately, the timing of the storm is pretty bad. With the Denver Airport (DIA) closed for nearly 3 days, and high traffic holiday travel days at that, folks coming and going have had their travel schedule turned upside-down on them.

My parents were due to fly in today, they were able to re-book and will now be coming in mid-day on the 25th. My in-laws were due to fly in tomorrow (and had even checked in online), but even though the DIA will be open again when their flight is due to arrive, their flight was cancelled.

The plane for their flight is stuck in Denver and won’t make it to Minneapolis in time for their flight’s departure. Unfortunately, they were unable to re-book their flight (the first available was after they were due to return), so the entire visit has been postponed. We’re very disappointed.

There are a lot of folks who are worse off than we are though. Steve O’Grady ended up scratching his return to Denver before his trip home for the holidays, and way too many people were stranded at the airport or are unable to get home.