Considering Flickr for Photo Backups

Since my hard drive issues, and the resulting nightmare with Reynolds Data Recovery1, I’ve done quite a bit to make sure I’ve got proper backup systems in place.

  • My desktop machine is using a RAID 1 configuration, and is backed up nightly to an external drive using SuperDuper.
  • The critical data on my web server (MySQL and SVN) is backed up to S3.

I do like having secondary off-site backups for stuff that is hard to replace, and photos definitely fall into this category. In fact, photos are really the only hard drive recovery data I’m holding out hope for at this point (I’ve had to re-create most everything else I was waiting for).

I really like my experience with S3 so far, but I’m considering using Flickr for my photo backups, because it has the added benefit of optionally making my photos available via a web interface if needed. A Flickr Pro account along with the Flickr Backup project or similar seems like a pretty decent combination.

Anyone out there tried this?

  1. All of the effort I’ve spent to work with them has been a complete waste of energy. I’m basically writing off those hard drives and the data now – if I ever get it back or hear from them again it’s a bonus. [back]