Blockbuster vs. Netflix

Blockbuster is really going after Netflix in their ads during the bowl games this year. The ads are very effective. For the same price, Blockbuster gives you everything Netflix does plus local return and pick-up ability.

I’ve got several years of ratings and rental history data in my Netflix account. That rating data is valuable to me. I’m not the only one to feel this way, I found a number of options for grabbing this data. I used this one and it worked like a champ.

Now we just need a way to import ratings into Blockbuster. I’ve found people looking for this, but no solutions yet.

I may try the “free trial” from Blockbuster. This is going to be very hard for Netflix to compete with. Assuming Blockbuster delivers as promised, I’m not sure what Netflix could do to keep my business. What do you think Netflix will do to respond?