AJAX Archives (and AJAX Comments, Redux)

Steve isn’t doing a year in review post, and I believe part of the problem is that he is hampered by his tools. I can sympathize, I felt the same way when I started. In fact, I used my Year in Review post as an excuse to finally do one of the things I put off when I re-designed this site: a revamp of my archives.1

Pages of full-content posts are great for reading through, but not so great if you’re looking for a specific post. The new archive pages allow you to visually scan a list of up to 100 posts (by date, title and topic) per archive page, and load in the ones you’re interested in on demand.

You can see the new archive pages in action by choosing any category or month from the sidebar. It also works for yearly archives (which have an URL like: alexking.org/blog/YYYY). I’ve left the daily archives (which have an URL like: alexking.org/blog/YYYY/MM/DD) as full-content views since a day’s posts isn’t too much content to scroll through.

I’ve also finally rewritten the inline AJAX comments (Note: this is the loading of comments for a post from the home page or an archive page, not posting of comments) code so that it’s faster, smaller, IE friendly and much simpler and lighter weight. I even created my very own spinner image… how very web 2.0.2

Still some refinements (and bug fixes?) needed, no doubt, but I believe it’s an improvement.

  1. This is another area I feel most blog engines could improve on. [back]
  2. Is that still :scare: cool :/scare: in 2007? [back]