The Latest Delay…

My customers are getting restless waiting for the new releases of Tasks Pro™ and Tasks – I don’t blame them, it’s months past the my original planned release date. The good news is that things are very close now.

I gave up on my work data recovery last week and I’m pretty much done re-doing the web site work I lost with my hard drive troubles. These include a new store page and some other little things I’d been wanting to add for a while.

Of course, as I’ve got all this stuff done some other things have come up. I’m going to be moving all of my sites to a new server soon (I’m supposed to get the server info today so I can begin transferring things over). When I put out a new release, I normally get a lot of folks signing up for free trials. I don’t want to interrupt those free trials with a server move if possible.

Assuming the new server is ready as scheduled, making the server switch first shouldn’t delay things too badly. Anyway, I wanted to provide an update on what was going on.

When all of this is done, I will have have made a lot of really good behind the scenes changes – internal house-keeping and improved infrastructure. In other words, future releases should be quite a bit easier. I’m looking forward to getting these out and beginning work on some cool new features. 🙂

UPDATE 2006-01-11: The new server has now been delayed, I’ll make a determination early next week to decide if I wait for it or not.

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