Tasks Pro™ 1.7 and Tasks™ 2.7

Whoohoo! Tasks Pro™ 1.7 and Tasks™ 2.7 have now been officially released!

Tagging in Tasks Pro™

New features:

  • Tagging!
  • Per tag RSS feeds.
  • Per tag iCalendars.
  • Searching and browsing by tag.
  • Editing and appending tags to multiple tasks at once.
  • Globally edit tag names.
  • Globally delete tags.
  • Showing the “Closing Notes” form when the Mark Complete button is clicked is now a per-user option.
  • Ability to add time when marking a task complete (if you have “Closing Notes” enabled).
  • Icon to indicate recurring tasks.
  • Font size setting (per user) in preferences.
  • Task lists now show 200 items.
  • History screen now shows the last 100 modified tasks.
  • Attached files are now links in the RSS feeds.
  • Task URLs are included in the iCalendar item description since Google Calendar seems to ignore the URL field.
  • Latest version of PHP iCalendar and ADOdb.
  • Added ‘completed’ class to completed tasks for use in themes.
  • Faster page loads.
  • Added advanced configuration options (manual config file edit) for turning off checking for new versions and disabling gzip output (since this caused issues in very rare cases).
  • Discontinued support for MySQL 3.x.
  • Updated and expanded documentation.

These also include a few bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Accesskeys work in IE.
  • Date range searches work properly.
  • File uploads work properly in MS SQL Server.
  • E-mail subject prefix works properly.
  • Reduce server load when creating RSS feeds and iCalendars for a task and all sub-tasks.
  • Better compatibility for an alternative e-mail attachment formats (e-mail to task feature).
  • ‘Mark complete and attach sub-tasks to parent task’ works properly.
  • Support for file:\\ as an URL prefix (the proper file:// was already supported).
  • Opera mini is now propery detected as a mobile browser.
  • The e-mail to task feature now works properly with most quoted-printable e-mails.
  • Upgrade from Tasks Jr. works properly again
  • Additional changes to improve MS SQL and PostgreSQL compatibility.

With the addition of tagging, Tasks Pro™ and Tasks™ are more Getting Things Done (GTD) compliant than ever.

I also made an adjustment to the free trials so that the date the trial expires is shown in the trial itself. This had been a rarely requested addition, but the folks that did were rather upset that the trial had expired on them :scare: unexpectedly :/scare: . Sometimes severity trumps frequency. 🙂

These were a long time in development for seemingly few new features, but there was quite a bit that went into these releases besides the features and bug fixes. The new store and support options were added, PHP Tag Engine was created and released, and the content from the Tasks Pro™ web site (at taskspro.com) was finally integrated into the King Design web site (at kingdesign.net/tasks-pro/).

If you want to try the online demo or a free trial of Tasks Pro™, those are now hosted on kingdesign.net instead of taskspro.com. I believe I’ve set up all the necessary redirects.

As the Panic guys say: get your upgrade quick – there’s only a small window to get a major “dot” release before the inevitable “dot one” release. 🙂

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