Smart Move NBC

I watched Heroes1 on TiVo while I ate lunch today. This is the first time I watched the show on a TV.

I kept hearing friends talk about the show, so I caught up on the previous episodes on the computer via NBC’s streaming video2 over the last few weeks.

I think offering the shows like this is a really smart move on NBC’s part – for 2 reasons:

  1. I was easily able to catch up with the show and will likely continue to watch. If this hadn’t been available, I would have just waited for it on DVD.
  2. I actually had to wait for the commercials to play in their entirety with the streaming video. On TiVo, I just zap through them. :)

NBC seems to be jumping out ahead of the other networks when it comes to convergence between the web and traditional TV.

  1. Nice clean show URLs! [back]
  2. If you’re on a Mac, Firefox works best. [back]