Scott and Alex on Firebug

I don’t know how I missed upgrading to the latest Firebug for so long, but I’m kicking my own arse for not getting on it sooner.

Scott: I hope you are using FireBug by now. This thing rocks

Alex: been using it for a few years

Scott: the newest version is awesome with debugging and editing css

Alex: should make sure I have the latest

I also use the Web Developer extension

Scott: yeah, use that, it is just less “integrated”

I was using EditCss, but now Firebug does it better

Alex: upgrading to latest now

nice little “upgrade” button in the extensions list – handy

wow, how did I miss this upgrade?


this roxors

Scott: fuck yeah

Alex: “inspect element” is so my bitch

Scott: on both html and css

Alex: aye

Scott: and you see the whole inheritance of css

and what is overridden

it is just amazing

Alex: and is *exactly* what you *need*

Scott: bingo

Alex: I should just copy/paste this chat into a blog post

Scott: go for it