Logitech MX Revolution

I’ve been using the Logitech MX Revolution for a little while now.

The Good

  • Rechargeable battery and cradle.
  • Free spinning scroll wheel. It’s just fun. 🙂
  • Accurate mouse tracking.
  • Immediately available when I turn it on – no needing to move it around to get it “recognized”.
  • Battery level display.
  • Not bad looking.

The Bad

  • Can’t find a way to replace the rechargeable battery – doesn’t seem to use AAs. This means I can’t shove in standard batteries if it dies completely. This hasn’t been an issue yet.
  • No ‘scroll wheel click’ button, as pressing the scroll wheel toggles between free-spin and click-spin mode for the scroll wheel.
  • Side thumb buttons are too high to easily press.
  • All the thumb stuff makes it harder for me to grasp the mouse from the sides as I’m accustomed to.

The lack of a button action when clicking the scroll wheel should have been a deal-breaker. I’ve used this functionality for about 8 years now and it’s completely ingrained in my mousing behavior. However, I like the friction-less scrolling mode of the scroll-wheel and the charging cradle, so I’m actually trying to get used to using a thumb-button to double-click.

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