Proper Behavior for a Twitter Archiver WordPress Plugin?

Last night I started thinking about the content I am creating on Twitter and how I’d like to keep a copy of that data.

My initial thought is to create a plugin that would check my Twitter (JSON – yay!) feed every hour or so and save a copy of new tweets in a new database table. That way I can load the data locally for my site (not rely on Twitter to serve up the data in a widget) and do fun stuff with it. Of course, there are some benefits to letting Twitter serve up the data into a widget, but I like owning my data.

Derek saw the tweet on this and left a comment with a slightly different implementation idea. His implementation would create posts of tweets instead of storing them in a separate table. The benefit is allowing direct commenting on the tweets on your blog. The drawback is that the tweets are now included in all blog content, RSS feeds, etc.1

Which way would you want this to work, and why? (Note: I’m more interested in your arguments than your final decision). The comments are open.

  1. It’s generally easier to add things in than rip them out. [back]

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