Tweetin’ Right

Introducing Eric to Twitter over the last few days has refreshed my own introductory experience in my mind. Twitter is one of those “no guidelines” tools where folks can meander around deciding how they want to use it in their own way.

Some people adhere quite strictly to answering the “What am I going” question, but those folks don’t end up creating very interesting content and they don’t stay on my friends list long.

I much prefer the people that use Twitter to:

  • make snarky comments
  • preview or follow up on their blog posts
  • post funny quotes
  • talk about interesting things they are working on
  • point out new cool stuff

basically – something that is either entertaining or informative. And yes, I realize that this list is entirely subjective.

Folks that post tweets like:


won’t stay in my friends list for long.

Twitter is sort of like a mailing list in that you should think about the attention you are taking from others by posting to it. If you follow a simple “I’d be willing to be interrupted by this” standard, I think that’s a pretty good compass.

Just one man’s opinion. Share yours in the comments.