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Folks have asked me why I don’t use some of the features of Twitter Tools; like the “tweet on new blog posts” feature, the “new post from tweet” feature or the “daily digest” feature. The answer is my tumblelog.

I don’t think it’s the role of my blog to wrap up everything I do online, and that includes my Twitter updates. Folks that subscribe to my blog should get the choice of also subscribing to my other various content streams – just like my Flickr feed and bookmarks work now – I shouldn’t force it on them.

That’s just my view on this, obviously everyone is welcome to define their blog as they desire.

Lots of folks already import their links and photos into their blog, and to give them the same choice with Twitter, Twitter Tools allows them to do this with their “tweets”.

It might be interesting to create a little feed subscription widget that allows people to choose the content streams they want included in the feed. Dougal’s use of Yahoo! Pipes would be an easy way to deliver the resulting content.

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