If you’ve been following my Twitter updates you know I was on my EVDO card quite a bit this weekend. As a result, I’ve got some knowledge to drop. 😉

  1. Sprint’s DNS servers are s-l-o-w! Use OpenDNS and get a big performance boost. I thought I was already doing this, but Mac OS X gives you the ability to set different DNS servers for each network location and I hadn’t put the OpenDNS servers in for my EVDO card. Thanks to Alex at EVDOinfo.com for reaching out with the tip.
  2. Apple provides drivers for most of the EVDO cards out there, but these drivers are Intel-only. If you bought your EVDO card from EVDOinfo.com, they will give you PowerPC friendly drivers and nice step-by-step installation instructions. I’ve now got my EVDO card working on my old PowerBook G4 as well as my MacBook. I plan to install the drivers on my desktop machine (PowerMac G5) too so that I can plug in the EVDO card when my DSL craps out.
  3. Sprint’s network along I-80 has gotten a lot better over the last 2 years. You can reasonably expect to stay connected all the way through Nebraska. If you bring enough power (or 2 laptops), you can get a bit done on the road. 🙂