Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Improvements

Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball got a nice upgrade this year. The things I’m particularly enjoying so far:

A Roto-League Standings Visualization

Roto "Where I'm At" Chart

:beer: Brilliant! :/beer:

A great way to see where you are in your league, and particularly what areas you need to make a move in.

Improved Offline Draft Submission

My keeper league does an offline draft every year. In the past, it’s been several hours of agony entering the results for each team. This year, that all changed. They have a slick little auto-complete widget (probably using the same Y! UI library I do in PHP Tag Engine) that made it quick and easy to enter in all of the draft results.

Drag and Drop Roster Management

Now when you make a bunch of position changes, you don’t have to worry about leaving two players in your first base slot, etc.

Thanks for the great improvements, Yahoo!

Now about getting some RSS feeds for league activity… 😉