“Bottom Section” Footers

One of the elements I added to the Crowd Favorite web site is a bottom section footer.

This is part of my :scare: mullet :/scare: design of the site: business in front, party in the back (or at the bottom in this case). The top of the site is a little more corporate and traditional, the bottom is a little more consumer and fun. We serve both markets, so I’m trying to do a bit of a balancing act with the site design.

This kind of footer isn’t even close to an original idea. I don’t know who started it, but I first remember noticing it in the Hemingway WordPress theme and on SimpleBits. It isn’t even the first time I’ve implemented one; I set one up for the new RedMonk web site earlier this year.

But I really like what the bottom section footers allow you to do.

  • Use different styling elements to spice up the site.
  • Keep supporting information available, but not “in your face” all the time.
  • Use the entire width/top of the site design for the primary information you are presenting on the page.

I’ve thought about adding one to this site as well, but I’ve got most of what I’d put in there in my third column already. Maybe in the future when the content dictates a need for it.