Crowd Favorite has had the opportunity to work with this fall on AnswerLinks, a new WordPress plugin. Answerlinks talks to an API at and auto-suggests links to definitions and more on for terms in your blog post. Then you can choose to add the links you want; very simple and easy.

AnswerLinks plugin

After going through several design revisions, we created an interface primarily using client side JavaScript to allow you to choose the links you want to add to your post. There are two ways to do this, you can step through the terms one by one using “Link” and “Don’t Link” buttons (similar to the way a spell checker works), or you can simply use the list of links on the side and check the boxes for the terms you want to link.

This was started as a project (and has been rolled out on, but is also available as a downloadable plugin1 for self-hosted/ users.

I’m very pleased that Crowd Favorite was able to be involved with this project. It’s wonderful to see providing an API into their data to enable this sort of feature, and it’s great that the WordPress community can benefit from it. My thanks to the teams at and Automattic, both were great to work with.

UPDATE: There was a typo in the original packaging for this. If you are using version 1.0a, upgrade to 1.0b or rename the “answerlinks” folder to “answerlink”. This only affects version 1.0a.

  1. It is available on my WordPress Plugins page and also from [back]