Opera Mini 4 beta 2

When people ask me about the iPhone vs. the BlackBerry, I tell them that for my usage I prefer the BlackBerry – except for the browser. The MobiSafari browser in the iPhone is the biggest game changer on the device.

The newest beta of Opera Mini 4 is nowhere near as elegant a browsing experience as the iPhone browser, but it’s a night and day difference from the standard BlackBerry browser and it’s great to see the pan and zoom :scare: full browser :/scare: interface coming to other mobile browsers.

A couple of weeks ago I needed to forward an e-mail while I was out with only my BlackBerry. Since the BlackBerry’s IMAP implementation generally sucks, I had to use the browser and webmail in order to find the e-mail and forward it.

This process would have been a whole lot easier1 with Opera Mini than it was with the built-in BlackBerry browser.

  1. Yes, it also would have been easier with real IMAP, which the iPhone has. [back]