October, 2007

  1. Go Rockies!

    Wow, the Rockies continue their unbelievable run by sweeping the Phillies to face Arizona in the NLCS. Winning 17 of their last 18 games – amazing! Keep it going boys, this is really fun to watch.

  2. Popularity Contest 1.3b2

    While Popularity Contest version 1.3b1 was perfectly compatible with WordPress 2.3, it wasn’t compatible with the Google Sitemaps plugin. This version should be compatible with both. Thanks to Arne for his help identifying the compatibility issue between the two plugins. I need to do a bit more to fix this more properly before it is…

  3. Popularity Contest 1.3b1

    I’ve released a beta version of Popularity Contest – my WordPress plugin that helps you find out which of your posts are most popular. This version should be WordPress 2.3 compatible1, but I need help testing it. Popularity Contest was already largely compatible with WordPress 2.3, but the category reports on the reports page did…