Introducing Peter Gornell

Crowd Favorite has grown again, this time adding someone with the skills to help us keep up with all the fun stuff we’re working on. I’m very pleased to announce that Peter Gornell has joined us to take over our project management responsibilities.

Peter Gornell

As we’ve been growing, communication and project management has become more and more important. In order to continue to grow our development team and be able to take on the great projects we want to work on, we needed someone to help out with the project management (to allow the developers to focus on development). We’re very excited to have Peter join us to do this.

Like all small and growing companies, we all wear multiple hats. I’m very pleased to be taking off the project management hat and handing it over to Peter. Hopefully this will give me some semblance of free time again; time for things I’ve been neglecting over the last few months (like blogging and finishing updating my WordPress plugins for 2.3.x compatibility).

Here is a brief bio on Peter (also on the Crowd Favorite About page now):

Peter has been working with the Web for nearly ten years in a variety of client-facing and team management roles. Peter’s diverse experience includes a wide variety of clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to professional sports leagues and teams. As a project manager, he greatly values facilitating both client and team communication, managing client expectations, and meeting deliverables within budget and time requirements.

Raised on skis in New Hampshire, Peter is thrilled to return to regular (and frequent!) trips to the mountains.

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