A Day in the Life

Today’s schedule:

7:30am – wake up, shower
7:45am – read and respond to e-mail
8:00am – status call with Mike, who has bigger things on his mind at the moment
8:20am – more e-mail
8:50am – eat breakfast
9:00am – drive in to office
9:30am – debugging and more e-mail
11:00am – client call
12:00pm – team lunch
1:25pm – team meeting
2:45pm – recruiting chat
3:00pm – e-mail, review plugin code
3:45pm – drive prospective hire who we flew in to meet with us to Denver airport
3:55pm – client calls to debug an issue
4:45pm – arrive at Denver airport, head home
6:00pm – arrive at home, let dog out
6:15pm – sign and return contract for new project, reply to a few e-mails
6:50pm – make a sandwich
7:00pm – leave for volleyball
9:30pm – get online, check in on debugging progress
9:50pm – e-mail and final testing of a plugin before release

Probably another 1.5-2 hours of work left before bed… these days are a bit hectic while we’re getting everything ramped up and properly in place.

UPDATE: 12:45am – 1.5-2 hours was pretty optimistic… hopefully soon.