CrunchGear Redesign

Over the last couple of weeks we at Crowd Favorite have had the pleasure of working with the good folks at TechCrunch to help get the new CrunchGear site design up and running (read about it on CrunchGear and TechCrunch).

CrunchGear Redesign

The designers at ACS did the majority of the new design work1, then we helped integrate and implement various features and functions in WordPress and made sure all the Ts were crossed and the Is dotted.

On Friday, we brought the new design and features live on Congratulations to the TechCrunch and CrunchGear teams on the successful launch of the new design, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to help make this a success.

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  1. Redesigns on high traffic sites are never universally well-received, and this is no different. The comments on new CrunchGear design are somewhat mixed, but I like the new design and enjoyed working on the implementation. [back]