ShareThis 2.1b1

There’s a new version of the ShareThis WordPress plugin available. Officially it’s a beta because we didn’t have as much time to test it as we wanted to. There may be a couple of bugs lurking out there, but we wanted to get it released before the end of the year because it adds some features people have been asking for:

  • An option to let you choose if you want the ShareThis link automatically added to your posts/pages or not.
  • If you disable the option to automatically add the ShareThis link to your content, you can now use the sharethis_button() template tag to add the ShareThis link wherever you like in your theme.
  • The ShareThis link is now an inline element, just like it is in the ShareThis Classic version. This allows you to place it wherever you like in your theme.
  • An option to have the ShareThis window open in a pop-up instead of inline.
  • An option to keep Flash and other embeds active when showing the ShareThis window inline. Sometimes those can bleed through, depending on your browser, so they are temporarily disabled by default when showing the ShareThis window.
  • Changes to make the loading of the window and the loading of the link a good deal speedier.

If you are currently running ShareThis 2.0, I would recommend upgrading to this version. If you tried ShareThis 2.0 and decided to stick with ShareThis Classic because of the positioning limitations, I’d recommend giving this version a try.

The download is available on my WordPress Plugins page and on

If you have any trouble with this, please open a thread in the WP Support Forums and send me the link.