MacWorld 08 Predictions

This is as much hoping as it is predicting, but:

  • New and improved laptops – I think they can make them smaller and lighter; I’m not as excited about a multi-touch interface, but I’ve got an open mind about it. A pro sub-notebook would definitely be nice as well. We’ve been living with the current pro laptop design since the G4 days, it’s time for an update.
  • Redesigned displays – putting cameras in them is a no-brainer. Hopefully they still match the old ones from a design standpoint.
  • A mini-tower – the bump in the Mac Pro line raised the baseline price a couple hundred bucks. My guess is this was done to make room for a new desktop model. Perhaps replacing the mini, perhaps above the iMac.
  • Wireless syncing for iPhones and iPod touches. This is a “duh” feature to get added, but I have no idea if it is actually in the works. Not having to plug it in might make me switch back to my iPhone as my primary iPod.

We’ll see what the week brings – add your speculation and wishlists in the comments.