VodPod WordPress Plugin

Last fall, Crowd Favorite had the opportunity to build a WordPress plugin for VodPod. This was a fun project. We used the VodPod API and built some shortcodes and template tags for WordPress that make it easy to put a VodPod video player into a WordPress post, page or theme. The VodPod team then combined these features with the sidebar widget plugin they’d already developed to create a combined plugin that does both.

VodPod is a pretty fun service. You can collect embeddable videos from a variety of sources, group them together into a :scare: pod :/scare: , then put that pod on your blog or web site. It’s a pretty nice way to share videos. I created one from all of my golf swing videos.

Note: the VodPod gallery and sidebar widgets require Prototype and might not work as expected if you are using other JavaScript libraries.