ShareThis: Reporting, TypePad and Blogger

The ShareThis team has been hard at work on a number of things lately, and three of them are now available.


This is a big one that lots of people have been waiting for, myself included. When the ShareThis team and I first spoke about working together, this was an item we talked about quite a bit. Having a centralized service makes providing interesting reporting possible. The current reports are quite nice and are more than I’d have ever been able to offer:

Reporting Dashboard

There are snazzy little effects for the charts – good fun stuff that isn’t annoying.



I’m surprised that e-mail is as far down on the list for my site as it is. I wonder what would happen if I swapped the active tab to be the E-mail tab instead of the Social Web tab.

I’m also excited about what can still be done in this area, and some of the ideas I’ve heard are pretty interesting.

All of you WordPress folks that have registered and have been using the 2.x version of ShareThis now have a nice set of reports available to you when you log in to I look forward to hearing about which of the stats you find most interesting.

TypePad Support

A ShareThis TypePad plugin is now available. A warm welcome to our TypePad friends, I know many of you have asked me for this and I’m thrilled it’s available now.

Blogger Support

A ShareThis Blogger plugin is now available. Same as above – many of you have asked me for this and I’m very pleased it’s available now for you.

It’s great to see ShareThis growing and thriving as it is, and a lot of fun to be a part of it.