Twitter Tools 1.2b1

I’ve got a new version of Twitter Tools ready (I think) for testing. This version adds a number of often requested features and other enhancements:

  • Show a link to the tweet being replied to for @replies.
  • Option to exclude @replies from the sidebar tweets list.
  • Make all @usernames clickable.
  • Check that the tweets downloaded are indeed the user’s tweets – sometimes Twitter has hiccups.
  • Don’t broadcast edits to old posts. Note: Twitter Tools always included code to only broadcast a post once. However edits to posts created before Twitter Tools was installed would be sent to Twitter because there is no “only when a post is first published” hook (that I’m aware of) in WordPress. Now a timestamp is saved upon installation to try to work around this.
  • Ability to send blog posts to Twitter on a per-post basis (checkbox added to post authoring screen).
  • Option to use jQuery instead of Prototype – useful if you like to tweet from your sidebar. The jQuery library is a smaller download than Prototype.
  • Added post author setting.
  • Added post tags setting.
  • Added an option to make digest posts display tweets in either chronological or reverse-chronological order.
  • Make URLs clickable in blog posts created from tweets and digest posts.

Note: after you install this version of Twitter Tools, you’ll need to go in and update your settings to take advantage of these new features – until you do, things will not work properly.

As you can see, there are many changes in this version, so I’m releasing this as a beta instead of a stable version. I’ve done about 5-6 hours of testing on it and I’m using it here, so I obviously think it’s probably safe for production, but it has not been widely tested… if I had to bet, I’d say there are still a few things still to be discovered. You’ve been warned. 🙂

The download and more information are available on my WordPress Plugins page.

If you have any trouble with this, please open a thread in the WP Support Forums and send me the link.

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