Theme Browser “Fixed”

I got a couple of reports that my WordPress Theme Browser was not working. I checked it out, and sure enough – not working.

This was a bit of a surprise as that code hadn’t changed in years. Turns out, it was the browsers that had changed.

I had moved the theme browser from my site (to reduce server load) to my hosting account at Joyent a long time ago, and set it up on the domain The frameset page and the top frame were hosted on, while the bottom frame – the theme viewer – was on

This combination stopped working because the browsers changed their cookie security settings. If you have your cookies set to “only accept cookies from sites I visit”, then your browser was rejecting the cookie from (because the URL in your browser was

If this cookie wasn’t set, the proper theme was not displayed; hence the theme browser being :scare: broken :/scare: .

I’ve moved it all onto now, and everything appears to work again.