OpenedHand Redesign

Last fall Crowd Favorite had the opportunity to work with OpenedHand1 to redesign their web site. Their site is powered by WordPress and we did the design and created some custom theme features for them.


This was a fairly straightforward build. We created several different designs, went through a few revisions, detailed the custom features that were needed, and got cranking on them. With OpenedHand being located in Europe, all development was remote and all communication was done via e-mail.

Unlike some projects where we implement a design and configure it on their production server, in this case we created the theme for them and handed it off to them to set up. They are quite technical, so the configuration and set-up was not difficult for them and I was pleased that they were able to implement what we delivered without needing to ask a lot of questions. That indicates to me that we did a good job packaging and providing installation notes – things that are always a little hard to self-evaluate.

The OpenedHand team also made a couple of minor changes on their own to what we delivered to them before they put the new site live. This was very gratifying to me as well.

When you build things, you try to do so in such a way that they are easily maintained and modified. When your client is able to make changes without needing to ask for help, that’s generally a good sign that you’ve succeeded.

  1. They do some cool stuff, be sure to check them out. [back]