.me Domains

Today’s .me domain registration was very interesting. The process was definitely a bit FUBARed by the registrars as they allowed people to register domains that were already taken, but the fact that they did lead to a rather interesting side effect: creativity.

I watched with interest as people I knew tried out interesting combinations of domains, found cool ones then tried to think of uses for them, etc. It was very different than the normal .com domain hunt.

I don’t know if .me will take off – it’s certainly an interesting TLD, but the .com seems stronger than ever. Even the iPhone, the very model of a modern device, only has a “.com” button1. Is .me any better than .info (except maybe for personal domains)?

I picked up a couple of .me domains that I thought could be useful down the road if .me becomes widely adopted. I’m not sure if I’ll actually use them – I’m tending more towards “.com at all costs” these days – which is pretty sad.

Time will tell if a good .me is worth more than a mediocre .com.

  1. Which is, quite frankly, shameful. [back]