WordCamp Utah Recap

(I had intended to get this posted early last week, but pushing all of the meetings, etc. from the week prior to WordCamp Utah to last week torpedoed that pretty effectively.)

WordCamp Utah was a great event – well organized by Joseph Scott (thanks Joseph!), well attended and with some very good speakers.

I gave a presentation about WordPress plugins. This was a challenging talk because of the vastness of the topic combined with the variety of the interest and technical background of the audience. Here are the slides.

Some folks seemed upset that I didn’t give a technical demo of how to build a plugin. However, I chose to keep the talk at a high level based on the make-up of the audience.

Instead of getting into the code, I talked about techniques and approaches, and different kinds of plugins. My intent was to give people an idea of what they can do with plugins; and a little start on how to approach writing one. We may change this at WordCamp Denver and have some technical presentations.

I also announced a couple of goodies at the end of the talk. We pulled an all-nighter on Friday getting everything ready for release. My presentation might have suffered a bit as a result. 🙂

We’ve released some development tools for other WordPress developers to use. These are things we’ve had to build over the years, and thought others could make good use of.

  • WordPress Install (SVN Checkout) Script – a shell script will walk you through a checkout of multiple versions of WordPress from SVN and set up the requisite config file and database structure. This makes it easy to create a series of installs for testing purposes.
  • WordPress Compatibility Plugin – sets some constants and some other little things that provide backward compatibility for older versions of WordPress.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Checklists – checklists to help guide plugin and theme testing. Includes considerations such as WordPress version, theme compatibility, browser type, WordPress settings, etc.

The biggest announcement – and the one I’m most excited about – was the Carrington theme, but I’ll have a follow-up post about that as there is just too much to cover here.

Thanks again to everyone who made WordCamp Utah a success.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, the presentation was recorded. (Thanks Jeremy)