Fruit Flies Like a Banana

What’s better than a corny Groucho Marx joke?

It’s amazing how packed my days are right now. Besides the new baby and associated family commitments, I’ve got a bunch of stuff in the works for release soon. Hopefully we’ll get one or two of these out next week – others will follow in time:

  • Carrington Text version 1.1 – a few IE6 bug fixes and niceties. Feel free to grab the latest from SVN now and play with it.
  • More developer documentation and examples for the Carrington CMS theme framework.
  • A new release of Twitter Tools to add a couple of hooks that have been requested.
  • Improvements to the WordPress HelpCenter (WPHC) web site so we can provide even better outsourced support for plugin developers and theme designers.
  • The release of a WPHC plugin to support this.
  • Corporate accounts and pricing for WPHC. If you are interested in this, please let me know – we’d love to get some feedback on our planned packages.
  • A new web site for Crowd Favorite with more good WordPress resources for the community. (not close to release yet)
  • Active development on 3 other projects that currently have no release timeline.

So there is a lot of stuff in the works – hopefully we’ll have more release announcements in the not-so-distant future.

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