All-Star Game

I think there are two reason why the baseball’s All-Star game has lost some of its shine.

1. Interleague play. Before interleague play the only time the best hitters and pitchers from each league faced each other was in the mid-summer classic and the World Series. Interleague play has cheapened that – it’s a shame.

2. Television. When I was growing up as a baseball fan in the 80s and 90s in Seattle, I would rarely have a chance to see any Nation League games. Maybe I’d catch the Dodgers on another NL West team on the “game of the week”, but it was rare. Cable TV and the internet has changed all that. I probably get more Red Sox and Yankee news that I get about the Rockies (and my office is a few blocks from Coors Field).

And the home field advantage for the World Series is stupid all around, even if it is meaningless.

First post attempt from the BlackBerry app – forgot to post it earlier this week. 🙂

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