WordPress HelpCenter now staffed by Crowd Favorite

We’ve restructured WordPress HelpCenter a little bit, and it is now fully run by Crowd Favorite and staffed by Crowd Favorite developers. This change is due to how the business has evolved as it’s grown, and what we believe will allow it to flourish going forward.

We have a:

  • new phone number1: (303) 395-1346
  • and new hours: 9am-5pm US/Pacific

as well.

While we are continuing to focus on providing top notch support and customer service for the community, we have added more development experience on the day-to-day team. This allows us to provide expanded on-demand development and customization services as well as offering support and troubleshooting services.

I’d also like to thank all of the plugin developers, theme authors and other affiliates that are working with us – we really appreciate your partnership. If you create plugins and/or themes for WordPress, be sure to sign up for our affiliate program and register them with us so we can give you a little reward when we work with something you’ve built.

  1. The old number will continue to work for a few months. [back]

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