White Label BackupMoxie

When we built the backup system we need for our clients at Crowd Favorite, we did so with some additional ideas in mind. I’m pleased to announce that we’ve extended it so that you can use it with your clients too: introducing our white label program.

White Label BackupMoxie

The white label program is very simple. We provide the servers and the software you need to run the system. You provide the service (including your support and recovery service) to your clients at rates of your choosing, while paying just 1/2 the standard BackupMoxie monthly rates. That’s it!

The premise is that you probably know the site you built for your client better than anyone, and you are probably the best person to handle a restore, etc. should something bad happen on the client’s server. The barrier to providing this service was a lack of turnkey backup solution that could easily be branded with your company – we’ve got you covered.

You can easily customize individual settings on the web site like the site name, the name and price of packages, contact email, alert notification email, etc. as well a wholesale replacement of the header and footer of the site and override CSS. You can style the site and make it your own – either a basic skinning job or more in-depth full content replacement changes.

The features of BackupMoxie allow you to provide great service for your customers.

  • BackupMoxie provides 60 days of full snapshot backups, taken every 6 hours (Gold) or every 24 hours (Silver).
  • If a backup fails for some reason, the backup is flagged accordingly and an email notification is sent to the address you specify. There is also an RSS feed of failed backups.
  • The admin interface of the system allows you easy access to create web site profiles with multiple databases, excluding certain directories (cache, etc.) as well as reporting on backup failures (server timeout, permissions errors, etc.) for easy review and management.
  • To restore a site, simply download a backup from the last known good state and restore the necessary files and/or database to get things back where they need to be.

If you’re interested in offering BackupMoxie (maybe branded as Your-Name-Here Backup Service), you can get in touch through the form on the white label page and we’ll get you all set up.

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