Writing More

Over the last few years my blogging has curtailed sharply. I’m down to 180-ish posts per year, of which about 40 are link dumps. This is largely due to the fact I’ve been working on client projects that I can’t discuss openly during the development phases (like I could when I was building my own products full time). I’ve also resisted using this blog as just a way to show off completed projects (though I have posted some of them). The end result is I’m just not blogging that much.

The result? I’m not participating in as many conversations as I’d like to, I’m not sharing as many of my ideas, and I’m not as in touch with the community as I was. I’m also not using the writing process to help me refine my ideas.

I want that to change.

It’s easy to say I’m too busy. Yes, Crowd Favorite has grown to a full time team of 13 in less than 3 years and yes I’ve got a baby girl to keep me busy now. It’s true that I’ve got a lot going on. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get back to daily posting, but I’d like to be more engaged here than I have been.

I’ll wrap this up since there are few things as boring as blogging about why you haven’t been blogging… we’ll see what I can produce.