Fixing the Palm Pre Plus Mobile Hotspot “No Sharing Service” Error

One of the things I’ve liked1 about the Palm Pre Plus on Verizon is the hotspot feature which allowed me to cancel my MiFi service and travel with one less device. For the last three days however, I was getting this error message when I tried to turn it on:

No Sharing Service

Sharing an Internet connection requires an addition to your mobile service plan. Contact your carrier for help.


The timing of this error coincided with the approximate time that Verizon made this feature free for Palm users (yay!) so I assumed that something had gotten out of whack when they were transitioning the cost of the paid feature to the free feature.

However, after re-programming and provisioning the phone, rebooting, etc., etc., the thing still kept throwing the error. The solution ended up being to re-enter the details of wireless network I wanted to broadcast from the Palm. Once I did this, the error went away immediately.

Hopefully this is of some help to others that run into this issue.

  1. Still working on a more detailed blog post. [back]