The Netbook is Dead

The netbook is dead.


This was clear to me after using the iPad for just a few hours.

I’ve had a netbook for a couple of years, and I use it occasionally. It’s been a nice conference machine since I could do some light coding, etc. on it (which requires an editor and access the file system – for now, at least) and it is more portable than my laptop – primarily though I used the browser, did email and took some notes. The main reason I used it instead of my laptop in various situations was its size and weight. The iPad soundly thumps it in both cases.

I thought the real keyboard on the netbook would be a difference maker, however the netbook keyboard is cramped enough that typing on it is nearly equivalent to the virtual keyboard on the iPad. I’m frankly shocked by this, but the iPad keyboard in landscape mode is stunningly usable.

Both devices kill your posture; being small enough that they make you want to hunch over them. With the iPad I try to position it on my lap in such a way that it’s propped up towards me, a bit more awkward with the netbook.

I’m not going to get rid of the netbook just yet, but I’m running out of niches for it.