Is there a Game Tonight?

A few months ago, while driving in to downtown Denver:

Her: Should we take the Park Ave exit or 20th st?

Me: I don’t know, is there a game tonight?

Her: I don’t know.

Me: Hmm, there should be a web site for that…

…and now there is.

Introducing, a single serving web site to answer the question: is there a game tonight? I’m pretty happy with the URL structure – the URL itself basically asks the question:

Game tonight in Denver? =
Game tonight in Boston? =

Nice hackable URLs.

Besides Denver I’ve set up a few different metro areas. I think it works best for areas (like Denver) that have an NBA, NHL and/or MLB team in relatively close proximity to each other since those sports have the most frequent games. I’ve also added some facilities to try to account for concerts or other highly attended events.

Crowd Favorite in Downtown Denver

In my case, the Crowd Favorite office is right in the middle, a few blocks away from the Pepsi Center where the Nuggets and Avalanche play and Coors Field where the Rockies play. I can go either way on my drive home, and knowing where the crowds will be is pretty useful.

So check it out. If your metro isn’t listed yet and you’d like me to add it – let me know.

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