HTML5 Tip: input type=”date” and Webkit

If you’re using HTML5 (like we are on the Crowd Favorite website), you may run into an issue of forms not submitting in Webkit browsers (Safari, Chrome). If the form is failing silently with no JavaScript errors and you have an <input type="date" /> in the form, that may be the issue.

It appears that Webkit has implemented validation for a type="date" field without implementing matching UI for a date picker or error message to enforce the required date format.

Since the “I need this project done by” field on our project inquiry form does not need to be a valid date format (a response of “by Sept. 1” or “in 3 weeks” is valid in our usage), the choice to use an input type="date" field was probably a poor choice in the first place. 20/20 hindsight.

Hopefully this will help others avoid losing too much time investigating this issue.