Canon Rebel vs D Series

I’ve previously owned a Canon D30, 10D, 20D and I currently own the Canon Rebel T2i. When I upgraded from the 20D I decided to go with the T2i instead of the 7D because I hadn’t been shooting as much lately and didn’t feel I could justify the price difference, the image quality is virtually identical, and I liked the idea of the smaller body.

This weekend I did a little shooting with a friend’s 50D while at a birthday party. It didn’t take long for me to get reacquainted with the additional hardware controls and screen on the 50D and realize I actually do miss those on the T2i.

I’m not planning to upgrade; the T2i is still plenty of camera for my needs and I think I made the right decision to buy it instead of the 7D. However, I will also be avoiding shooting with a 50D and 7D in the future – no need to seek out temptation. Instead I’ll endeavor to learn some of the many features of the T2i and the S95 that I don’t utilize right now (and probably should).

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