Google Apps Driving Me to Chromium

I use Google Docs on with my personal Gmail account1 and as part of Google Apps for Crowd Favorite and WordPress HelpCenter.

Google Account Confusion

This set of cookies is very confusing to Google Docs, leading to all sorts of authentication issues. As a result I’ve started only accessing Google Docs pretty much exclusively via Chromium while in Incognito mode.

Sure I have to log in each time, but doing it up front is a lot faster than getting an access denied message. Logging in. Getting another access denied message. Logging in again. Getting a 404 because the URL got munged somewhere. Deleting my cookies. Logging in again and seeing the doc.

I’d kept using Firefox as my primary browser on my MacBook Air, but over the last month or so with fairly frequent Google Apps usage, I’m now using Chromium more and more on that machine as well.

Google is (I assume) unintentionally driving me to use their browser to access their services by not addressing the multiple login situation.

  1. Mainly when someone shares a doc with me. [back]