WordPress Internal Link Shortcode

The upcoming release of WordPress 3.1 is introducing a feature to make it easier to link to posts and pages within your WordPress install. This is going to be useful for a number of folks, however it has a few limitations:

  1. The links are hard-coded within the post/page content. If you re-organize your site or rename your pages or posts, the links do not get automatically updated.1
  2. The internal link feature is built into the visual editor and is not currently available in the HTML editor.

My plugin provides a way to create internal links via shortcode so that they will always remain up to date if the page/post titles are updated or the URLs are changed. For some folks, this feature is pretty important. Like the built-in feature, there is a nice type-ahead search to allow you to easily find the post/page you wish to link to.

I’d built this feature quite a while back, but seeing the interest in it was enough to get me to spend the time to get it released. I hope people find it useful

The download an more information for the Internal Link Shortcode plugin is with with my other plugins on the Crowd Favorite website.

  1. WordPress will often handle content moves nicely, sending 301 redirects, but it’s not the same as having the links point to the right place. [back]

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